Is the role of an after school caregiver or teacher in your kids’ development given the deserved appreciation?

“The children are an absolute joy. We get so much pleasure from them, their creativeness, inventiveness and just the way they react to things” – So was the expression of one of our partners at After School Providers (ASP) when we spoke about the children at their after-school care providing institution.

We believe that it’s not about the scheduled activities or the overall curriculum, nor does it cover all the different aspects that need to be dealt with at different levels in our aftercare system. It’s all about the effort. Each effort gives the student experience of a small part of their environment. And these small pieces of experience built into a larger mosaic of understanding of life.

The key component

The teacher or the caregiver is the key to the whole aftercare system. It is only through the initiative and innovativeness of the teacher that any successful approach can be carried out. The teacher’s role in these activities is not that of transferring information but rather one of being a facilitator, a leader and a resource person in a learning process that is participatory.

As people who understand the weaving of aftercare universe, we do not expect the teacher to know all the answers, nor should it be required. On many occasions, the teacher will need to join the students in asking questions and sparking a discussion that could ultimately lead to answers. It is also important to stress that all the “answers” are not yet known.

The activities have been developed to encourage students to observe and explore their environment, to understand relationships in nature and between humans and nature, and to learn better how humans are an integral part of the intricate web of life.