Is your kids’ after school program good for them?

What you see above is a representation of the cognitive flow your kids go through while adjusting his skill set to the level of challenge and enthusiasm they grow into.

BURNT OUT = High Difficulty + Low Skills, In this case, kids try to hide the exhaustion of their effort by cheating and lying about their learning.

APATHY = Low Difficulty + Low Skills happens when kids are pushed beyond their potential. Eventually lets to a lack of interest, enthusiasm, and commitment.

BOREDOM = Low Difficulty + High Skills, When the kid has a high skill set but is not being challenged with multiple options of a changing environment, they slip into boredom.

FLOW = High Difficulty + High Skills, In this case, kids are challenged to push their boundaries above and beyond their skill set for the best. This is definitely WHERE YOU would WANT your kid TO BE!

What do you demand from your kids’ after-school program? In addition to providing a safe, structured environment for the children of working parents, reducing risky behaviors, and promoting physical health, a good after-school program could/should boost kids’ academic performance and their overall development.

Boredom VS Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is contagious and so is the lack of it. Being a bunch with the shortest attention span, kids get affected by boredom quicker than adults and their lack of enthusiasm can, in turn, affect their learning- be it their academic or extracurricular learning. If the learning process itself is hampered, then what is the point of sending the kid to highly skilled after School programs.

We, as parents, always judge an after-school program based on the teachers’ skills, available facilities, and their well-researched curriculum. But the one thing we fail to consider is kids’ boredom and apathy, which comes naturally if they stay in the same environment day after day. With the same teacher and the same friends, their initial excitement will fizzle out eventually and they will start making excuses for not wanting to go to their after-school program.

The ultimate cure for boredom is inducing curiosity. To generate this curiosity, they need to be in a constantly changing environment.

After School Provider (ASP) is a bridge to transition kids from boredom to enthusiasm. We offer to enlist your child in your choice of aftercare programs with the option of swapping/exchanging it with another provider on a daily basis. For example, if your kids are currently going to karate all five days and but want to enroll to a STEM program as well, with ASP’s help, they can now register themselves into a three-day karate and two day STEM program or vice-versa with little or no cost to you. They will have two institutes to visit, two teachers, many different friends to meet, and two wholesome different learning experiences. This is a sure shot recipe to revitalize your child’s mind.

The expert in something was once a rookie. It always seems impossible until it’s done, and that’s our motivation behind building After School providers. If this sounds like what you want for your kid, then do discuss opportunities with us in your area.